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Researching your roots and compiling your family tree can
be an absorbing and exciting task. Trying to imagine who
your ancestors were. What they did for a living and just
how they passed their daily lives.

The names on the branches of your family tree have
mystery and intrigue about them which can be brought to
life by visiting the places where your forbears lived out their
lives. The church in which they were christened, married
and eventually buried. The streets down which they walked.
The school, the local pub and all the locations which were
part of their day to day lives.

We appreciate that not everyone can make such an epic
journey, and so we have devised the "Virtual Visit".

Do you know where your ancestors lived? Just provide us
with the details and we will put together your "Virtual
Visit" for you. This will contain all manner of things to
enhance your understanding of the lives of your ancestors.
Such as photographs from the area in which they lived.
Their local surroundings, maybe their old house, even their
graves if we can find them. In addition to the photographs
of the present, we will endeavour to locate pictures and
publications from the time in which they lived. Maybe your
Great-grandfather was captured on a faded photograph or
featured in a local news article. If he was, we will find it.

To give you an idea of what your ancestral homeland is like
today your "Virtual Visit" will also include things like up to
date maps, local newspapers, information about the area
and anything else we can find to bring you closer to the
place where your family once lived.

If there is anything specific which you would like to get hold
of, please let us know and we will squeeze that in too.

The cost of a "Virtual Visit" starts from $450.00. As each
"Visit" will be unique the costs will vary according to the
complexity of the task in hand.

This is not an ancestor search facility. It is an enhancement
to the hours, days and years which you have spent
searching out your family roots. If you know where Great
Uncle William or Weird Cousin Angus lived in then we will
bring that place to life for you in the past and present. So
that the strange and meaningless names become real
places to you and you can see just where your family tree
has its roots.