Searching for your
family roots.

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It is always very satisfying for anyone researching their family
history when another branch can be added to the tree. To see
the generations spreading back across the centuries, and often
around the world, gives everyone a sense of history and

Family records and computer research are only part of the story
when trying to establish your family history. Many people are
content to just work with the abstract concept of filling in the
spaces in the family charts, but what happens when you reach a
dead end or you have completed your research? That is the time
to get away from the computer and your desk and tread in the
footsteps of your forebears.

There can be nothing more thrilling than to sit in the pew of a
parish church where your great-grandfather was christened,
married and even laid to rest outside in the graveyard. Maybe
spend some time in the village inn, where countless generations
met over a glass of ale or cider. Even find the very house where
your ancestors lived out their daily lives.

Homemade Holidays has helped many people to bring the dusty
old records to life by working with them to plan a visit to Britain
to see just where their families originated. Many a tear has been
shed as they have found the grave of a family member, resting in
peace in an English churchyard, as their decendants made a new
life over the water.

Because Homemade Holidays is based in England, we have the
unique advantage of being able to assist visitors with their
research during the planning of your trip. What may seem like an
obscure little English village to you, may be a familiar location to
us. We can look into local records and set up visits to places
which up until now are just names on a chart. We may even
discover your family members still living in Britain.

If you are ready to bring your family tree to life with a visit to
Britain this may just be what you are looking for. We can
arrange individually designed self-drive tours or personally take
you to the locations which will enable you to further your
research, or to soak up the surroundings which your forbears
knew so well.

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