We know that people who visit Britain on a Homemade Holiday are experiencing something more than the average tour would offer. There are many people who, understandably do not want
to “go with the crowd”. This is why our personalised individual tours are ideally suited for those who want to experience Britain at a more intimate level and have been described as “Self-drive, without the driving”.

However there are growing numbers of intrepid explorers who want to do self-drive tours “with” the driving. This, as a first thought may seem to be a daunting prospect. Driving on the left,
roundabouts, unfamiliar road signs and where to go anyhow?

Well once again HOMEMADE HOLIDAYS come to the rescue with:


With a Homemade Self Drive tour it is our aim to give you as much or as little assistance as you feel you may need. Route plans, maps, guides, itineraries, accommodation booking, personalised guidance notes and of course a suitable vehicle for your adventure. The guidance notes are individually written for each tour, taking into account the specific needs of the explorer.

No two trips are ever the same, due to the reasons for your visit or your particular special interests. Therefore your guidance notes, in addition to giving you general ideas of what to do and what to see, and giving recommendations for good eating places and stop off points, will also take into account any particular interest you may wish to pursue along the way.

So if you want to trace your family roots, hear traditional music, study a specific period of British History or just soak up the atmosphere of an English country pub, we will point you in the
right direction. What ever you want to do just let us know.


Simple enough. Either E.Mail
or call us on one of the following numbers:

From U.S.A. and Canada.

From everywhere else.

For those of you who still possess pens,
you will find our address on the “HELP” page.

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