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When visiting a country such as the U.K. it is understandingly tempting to try to see
as much as possible in the time available. As this is a reletively small country it seems
logical that it would not take long to travel around and see everything there is to see.
However, as we have had thousands of years to fill the place with interesting things
to look at this is not the case.

There are many tours which zoom around at high speed with long days on the road,
in order to get to the "must see" sights. This is fine if you just want a superficial
overview, in the company of all the other people on the bus, but it is not the way to
see Britain at its best.

Over the many years that we have been welcoming people to these shores, we have
found that our small personal tours send our visitors home with a feeling that they
have been a part of the country, seeing it from the inside rather that being "just
another tourist".

We have also found that a growing number of our visitors, realising that this is a
small island, do not see a need to hop from one place to another every night. It is
perfectly possible to see a great deal of Britain without living out of a suit case at a
different venue every night. This is why we have formulated our "One Base Tours".

Here in Cheshire we are ideally place to reach many wonderful places on a "day
trip" basis.

North Wales, with its ancient castles and magnificent mountains,

The Peak District, and area of rolling countryside and fine stately homes.

Chester, a fine old city, dating back to Roman times, with a unique medieval
shopping area.

The Lake District, with picturesque lakes and imposing mountain peaks.
The Yorkshire Dales, little villages, dry stone walls and more sheep than an
insomniac could count.

The Welsh Marches. The largely undiscovered borderland of England and Wales
with its many market towns a delightful gentle scenery.

The list is too great and varied to continue here, but rest assured that time spent on
a "One Base Tour" does not mean that your experience of the real Britain will be
any less than if you zoomed around seeing all the "tourist sites" at breakneck speed.

We are working with our friends at Hill House Farm, Catherine, Nick, William and
Mavis (the dog) to show our oversees visitors a type of hospitality rarely experience
by the casual tourist.

Hill House Farm is a delightful traditional family farmhouse in the depths of the
Cheshire countryside, with views across the fields to the high promontory of
Beeston Castle, and within easy distance of the old coaching town of Tarporley.

In the mornings, after a sumptuous breakfast, instead of packing to dash off to your
next base, you could take the time to stroll down the lane into the surrounding
countryside(watching out for the cows) or simply take it easy relaxing in the
secluded garden or the comfortable lounge, before heading off for your day's

If you would prefer to look after yourself you might like the luxurious self-catering

This has been tastefully converted from original Old Cheese Room for the
farmhouse. It has a ground floor kitchen diner, with sofa and easy chair. There is a
fully-equipped cooking area, with an electric hob and fan oven. The Cottage is
centrally heated, and has an easy-to-use log burner for cosy winter evenings. All you
have to do is throw the occasional log or two onto it.

The "One Base Tour" is essentially designed for those who want to take things easy,
and see the country from close quarters at a leisurely pace. If you would like more
details, please email us from the link below, or call us on 1.800.813.7352 toll free
from the U.S.A or 01144 1606835448. From the rest of the world.